Sorry folks, we are paused until further notice. Thank you for all of your support over the last few years!

We really loved meeting everyone and helping all you folks turn your art into stickers and prints over the years.

Our family grew, theater came back to life, and my other business took off, so the time we could put into SoreThumb was stretched too thin to make sense. We decided to pull the plug and sell the equipment. We are leaving the site up for now, and hopefully will reboot this whole idea if our lives ever calm down. <3

If you ever ordered something from us and need anything please reach out.

Here is a list of other business we can fully recommend:

Sticker Shops:

Sticker Ninja – Portland located, huge selection of materials and excellent stickers. Nice folks, but they are strict that they just turn your art into stickers. Not as helpful as some of the smaller shops if you are struggling or need more help than uploading something. If you know exactly what you want they are great though.

Saturn Stickers – Portland located, right over in SE Portland by Super Deluxe. They offer fewer material options, but are smaller shop and you will working right with Jonathan, the owner. They are happy to take on rush orders.

Sticker Orchard – Portland located, fewer materials, but a small shop, and he will likely help you get your stickers made. They do not have white ink on their printer their holographic will not allow for blocking, BUT they do also do screen printing so you can get some great deals on gang runs.

Zero Hour Grafix – Ryan has a smaller shop, but you will 100% be working directly with him. He is located in Oregon City, and can help make stickers, heat press shirts, banners, yard signs and other stuff.

Sticker Guy – Not in Portland, but I ordered stickers here while I was in my teens… and they are still in business. They strictly do screen printing, but they are durable and cheap. All gang run so it can take a while to get your stickers.

Jose & Gregg – see below

Posters / Wheatpastes / Other Stuff:

Jose & Gregg – We sold the majority of print equipment to 2 locals in Portland who were starting their own shop. I gave them all them info about the materials we used, etc. They are located in NE Portland. They are likely willing to help you make a sign, something weird, or posters, wheatpastes, etc if you are local. You can email or call 971-388-1994 to speak with Jose.

Photo Air Fresheners – We still run this site, if you ever heard the stories of it going viral on tik tok… you know what it is. Put your face, or your pets face on an air freshener.

Custom Comet  – This is my other business. We have a full team of designers & customer service support and we will help you Custom Air Fresheners, Lapel Pins, Magnets, Patches or Coffee Sleeves.


Becka Makes Buttons – She actually bought some of our machines, and is a smaller shop. Could likely do fast turn around times. Located in Salem, but can ship.

Busy Beaver – They are a larger company out of Chicago. It is who made all of my buttons when I was young punk. Great company.